GROUP THERAPY: School readiness

School Readiness Program

Ages 4-5

Thursdays from 9:30am to 11:30am

Inspire, encourage and support children in their learning in the year before school

This program addresses the areas of fine and gross motor skills, social skills, regulation, attention and coping skills, through activities that encourage thinking, playing, laughing and learning together.

Group Outline
The group will have the same routine each day, modelling school Kindergarten routines. Each session will have a different learning theme, and will use music, movement, multi-sensory learning, the Social Thinking® curriculum, arts and crafts, Yoga, and group play.

Individual Goals
These will be set for each child, and may include;

  • Developing early social skills (turn-taking, reciprocal play)
  • Learning to follow a set routine and transition smoothly
  • Further confidence in fine motor, pre-writing and early handwriting activities
  • Developing gross motor and problem-solving skills (body awareness, motor planning, co-ordination) while being able to socially engage with peers
  • Expand and develop pretend play and social play skills
  • Develop skills in using appropriate sensory regulation strategies to support attention and engagement
  • Developing independence and early responsibilities (packing bag, snack time, getting shoes on / off, cleaning up)
  • Making friends and interacting with peers confidently
  • Being able to express needs clearly / ask for help
  • Being able to follow instructions, pay attention and listen

School Readiness Holiday Program

Ages 4-5

3 days during school holidays

Practice fundamental school skills

This is a school readiness group for children commencing formal school next year. The group provides an opportunity to practice the fundamental skills needed for school; following routines; transitions; table top work; social participation and typical playground games & language.

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