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We are committed to improving the quality of life for our clients and their families. Our family coaching and education means less stress and a more fulfilled life for your child and your family.

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Occupational Therapy for kids & teenagers

Does your child struggle to keep up with their peers? Has your child been diagnosed with a neurodevelopmental disorder? Perhaps difficulty with motor skills or independence result in tantrums and poor behaviour? Or maybe your child is struggling to make social connections with other children?

OT Kids Academy can help improve:

Social skills and friendships

Behaviour and emotional regulation

Sensory processing and body coordination

Fine and Gross motor skills


Confidence and resilience

Problem solving and organisation

Eating skills

Individual plans and positive outcomes

Our therapy focuses on maximising your child’s ability to reach their potential to participate at home, in social settings and in school environments.

We know that each individual has unique needs, and the entire family is affected when a child has challenges. That’s why each child and their family is provided with a tailored therapy plan.

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Leona Brennan

Leona Brennan

Occupational Therapist & Director

Tara Doyle

Tara Doyle

Clinic Manager

Shauna Doyle

Shauna Doyle

Occupational Therapist

Zipporah Christie

Zipporah Christie

Occupational Therapist

Lorraine O'Donovan

Lorraine O'Donovan

Occupational Therapist

Joyce Tang

Joyce Tang

Occupational Therapy

Nel Deegan

Nel Deegan

Operations and Front of House

Sarah Waugh

Sarah Waugh


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Explore our space to play and learn

We pride ourselves on having an outstanding therapy space. It is equipped with a range of resources including suspension options for enhanced vestibular input, varied height surfaces, climbing options, ramps and a ball pit.

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